Pictures that capture who you really are

Many families settle for a family photo from one of those school/charity fundraisers where you all sit awkwardly on a white background. I get it. It’s cheap and helps raise money for a good cause. But when you get the photo back you can’t help but cringe at how bad it is. You didn’t want to be there and the kids sure didn’t enjoy having to sit still. It shows. And it’s not how you remember that period of time in your families life. 

For me that’s not enough. I would not be satisfied with that as my ‘family photo for 2019’. I want a picture that shows what we were really like, how everyone relates to each other and their personalities. That’s what I promise for all my families that I photograph. 


It’s why I take my families on a walk. I let the kids jump up on a table or climb a tree. Whatever they would do normally is what I am there to capture. And that’s what I want on my wall to remember that time in our lives!

Let me capture that moment in time for your family, book your session now or get in contact for more information.