Two dogs and a bird!

I am a family photographer because photographing memories for families is what I love to do the most! My job is made even more awesome with the fact that no family is ever the same. Each one is unique. But I must say, none have been as unique as this gorgeous group who I was super excited to photograph and even more eager to share!

Meet Zoro and Raven, two German Shepherds who are the most patient well-trained dogs I have ever met! Then there is their little brother Rio, the Macaw. Rio is this family’s equivalent to the naughty toddler who has a mind of his own and no intention of doing as they are told! But man were they funny to photograph. Not to mention their loving and doting parents who have done such a great job in ensuring everyone gets along! Thank you for allowing me into your world for what was such a joyous experience for me.