Family in a box

This is the story behind one of my award winning images from this year's ACT AIPP Epson Photography Awards. This image was awarded a Silver award and contributed to me winning the overall title of 2017 ACT AIPP Family Photographer of the Year!


This is an image I have been mulling over and thinking about for over 5 years. The idea first came about when my husband bought something and had a large empty box in the backyard which immediately turned into a play thing for my daughter's...and my husband. I decided to take some photos and put them together in Photoshop to create a fun image.

Original concept from 2011

Original concept from 2011

From that time, I had always wanted to create a fun box image for one of my clients. I suggested it to one of my Lib Creative families and they loved the idea. I started sketching and trying to come up with a creative way to make it work for this family. It took me a while before I came up with an idea I was happy with.


Then I had to find a cardboard box that would fit their family of 5. This was not easy! I went to the recycling centre and climbed into the cardboard cage and pulled out a couple of large boxes, hoping they would be big enough.It was a challenge on the day of the shoot, but the family had so much fun trying to fit into this box. There was not much room in there!


Then it was onto the computer, where the magic happens. I took a first draft of this concept to one of the professional photography critique nights and got lots of great feedback and went back to my computer to rework the idea. Finally an image I was proud of was produced. I am really pleased with the final result and it is rewarding when my idea finally, finally becomes a reality and most importantly the family loves it! :)