2018 AIPP State Awards Day 2 - Family

As mentioned in my previous post, I entered two categories in the 2018 AIPP Epson ACT Professional Photography Awards, Travel & Family. On Day 2 my Family images were judged. The four images I chose to enter were from some of my favourite family sessions.

I love these images, so it is great to receive validation from my peers that my work is above the professional standard and has something extra special. Two of my images received a Silver Distinction and one was awarded a Silver and the last one was only 1 point off a Silver award at 79.

The next night was our Presentation Dinner where the finalist and winners of each category are announced. Last year, I was SO lucky to win 2017 ACT AIPP Family Photographer of the Year. And this year I was super proud to again be in the top 3, as a FINALIST for 2018 ACT AIPP Family Photographer of the Year.


This first image has always been a favourite of mine. Not only because of this beautiful girls blue eyes and curly hair, but also the cute story behind it when she so excitedly showed me her two rows of teeth in our session and said she had 'shark teeth'. Unfortunately that story was not clear to the judges, scoring it 79, and it missed out on an award at this years state awards but it will still remain a fav of mine. 


This image is of a special mum and her six kids. I wanted to illustrate the gorgeous bond between them all. Having photographed this family before, I always had this image in my head that I wanted to create for them. When I had the chance to photograph them again last year, I suggested this concept to the mum. I really wanted to be able to create an image to show her how amazing she is and how much her kids really love and admire her. I am so pleased with how it turned out and even more happy that this family loved it! This image was well received by the judges too, scoring an 83 Silver award. 


This next image was created from an awesome family session I had on this family's property. This is their favourite tree so I wanted to create something special using this tree and show the love the family had for where they lived, for each other (even when the two year old is having a tantrum) and for the dog! It scored an 86 Silver Distinction and received great feedback which I will take and rework this image for the National Awards. 


This last image was one of the last captures from a fun family shoot by Lake Burley Griffin. These kids would not stop dabbing throughout the whole session so this image perfectly sums up this family. It scored an 85 Silver Distinction.