A Family Story

The best thing about being a family photographer is getting to capture families over time and seeing children grow up. I have photographed this family on numerous occasions and had the opportunity to capture this next phase in their lives, and also take advantage of getting some photos with Gma while she was visiting. Gma was not too keen on getting in the photos but after I took them and showed her the back of the camera she LOVED it and realised how important it was to get in the picture, not only for herself but for her grandkids!

We then took a walk down to the beach to capture some new photos of the kids altogether. It was so picturesque and we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset to end the day. The collection was then made into a special album which makes it volume #3 to add to the bookshelf. Something the kids love to get down and look through - and parents can flick through and see how much the kids have changed from the first album.