Documenting the teen years ~ family photography canberra queanbeyan

  • Teenagers agree to get photo taken with Mum and Dad  *TICK*
  • Find a time that works with everyone’s schedule where they aren’t working or studying or doing exams  *TICK*
  • Plan outfits that don’t clash and that everyone is happy with  *TICK*
  • Organise everyone to get out the door  *TICK*

It is no easy task, and many parents stop bothering to get photos with their grown kids, but it is so worth it when it all comes together. Every stage in a family’s timeline is so special. This family came together at the National Arboretum and ended up having such a nice time reconnecting. And I was able to capture some beautiful moments of them all together which they can now treasure.

teen family

teen family wide brown land

Mother and daughter sunset

teen family wide brown land

family of four framed photo

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