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A Family Story – family photography sydney

The best thing about being a family photographer is getting to capture families over time and seeing children grow up.

I have photographed this family on numerous occassions and had the opportunity to capture this next phase in their lives, and also take advantage of getting some photos with Gma while she was visiting.

Gma was not too keen on getting in the photos but after I took them and showed her the back of the camera she LOVED it and realised how important it was to get in the picture, not only for herself but for her grandkids!

We then took a walk down to the beach to capture some new photos of the kids altogether. It was so picturesque and we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset to end the day.

The collection was then made into a special album which makes it volume #3 to add to the bookshelf. Something the kids love to get down and look through – and parents can flick through and see how much the kids have changed from the first album.

two boys big tree

siblings canopy

toddler Curls

family on beach

three kids sand castle

See some of the previous volumes here:

Volume #1

Volume #2

Young love and kangaroos ~ couple photography queanbeyan

It has been 20 years since I met my husband – and those early photos of us together are the most precious memories we have. So I get excited when I am asked to capture some pictures of young love like these two. I hope they can look back on them in 20 years and say “Look how happy and in love we were and still are”.

Family Puppy Walk ~ family photography canberra

One of the top things I love to be asked…

Family: “Can we bring our puppy along?”
Me: “Yes!! Yes please do!”

I was so looking forward to this session with an awesome family of Mum, Dad, two teenage boys and their new puppy! I was a little worried of the weather, as the rain clouds were looming, but luck was on our side. We chose Weston Park as the perfect location to go for a little dog walk and capture some family love along the way and it could not have turned out more perfect <3

Family of four plus puppy

parents teensage boys

Mum and sons hug

family dog walk

new puppy spoodle

boys and puppy

family dog walk by lake

Family fun lakeside ~ family photographer canberra

I love creating lasting memories for families. It was even more important to this family who are leaving Canberra to live overseas. The family dog will also have to be left behind so it was great to have him along and in the pictures too. I am so happy to be able to give them a beautiful keepsake album of all these memories to take with them, so special.

parents son and daughter and dog

family skyspace

girl and dog in skyspace

family view war memorial

Four little girls ~ family photography canberra queanbeyan

When you have a family with 4 little girls, life is never dull! So I was very excited to go on a little walk around Weston Park Yarralumbla with this tribe to capture all the fun & special moments that happen when this family go out and about together!

Our afternoon included looking at ducks, stalking kangaroos, running around chasing each other & pulling funny faces… not to mention a couple of fights and disagreements between siblings along the way! Amongst all the craziness, there was also a lot of love.

I am so happy I could put all these precious memories together for the family to treasure, in one large family album. And a couple of pieces of wall art for all the family and visiting friends to enjoy!

twin girls

family large canvas

Memories of Canberra ~ family photography

This British family requested a notibly Canberran photo session to commemorate their time living here. We met by the lake and went for a walk. It was a beautiful sunny Canberra afternoon and the kids had a lot of fun climbing trees and doing cartwheels & karate kicks!
I was so overjoyed to be able to capture these special memories for them to treasure, including an album and stunning large artwork for the wall which I think illustrates their family and our Nation’s Capital so perfectly.


crazy kids

mother and daughter

Canberra family album and box

Album pages family photos

kids photography matted gift prints

large frame canberra family

Documenting the teen years ~ family photography canberra queanbeyan

  • Teenagers agree to get photo taken with Mum and Dad  *TICK*
  • Find a time that works with everyone’s schedule where they aren’t working or studying or doing exams  *TICK*
  • Plan outfits that don’t clash and that everyone is happy with  *TICK*
  • Organise everyone to get out the door  *TICK*

It is no easy task, and many parents stop bothering to get photos with their grown kids, but it is so worth it when it all comes together. Every stage in a family’s timeline is so special. This family came together at the National Arboretum and ended up having such a nice time reconnecting. And I was able to capture some beautiful moments of them all together which they can now treasure.

teen family

teen family wide brown land

Mother and daughter sunset

teen family wide brown land

family of four framed photo

AIPP State Awards Day 2 ~ Family Photography Canberra Queanbeyan

As mentioned in my previous post, I entered two categories in the 2018 AIPP Epson ACT Professional Photography Awards, Travel & Family. On Day 2 my Family images were judged. The four images I chose to enter were from some of my favourite family sessions. I love these images, so it is great to receive validation from my peers that my work is above the professional standard and has something extra special. Two of my images received a Silver Distinction and one was awarded a Silver and the last one was only 1 point off a Silver award at 79. The next night was our Presentation Dinner where the finalist and winners of each category are announced. Last year, I was SO lucky to win 2017 ACT AIPP Family Photographer of the Year. And this year I was super proud to again be in the top 3, as a FINALIST for 2018 ACT AIPP Family Photographer of the Year.

Finalist 2018 AIPP ACT Epson Family Photographer of the Year

Here are my four images:

This first image has always been a favourite of mine. Not only because of this beautiful girls blue eyes and curly hair, but also the cute story behind it when she so excitedly showed me her two rows of teeth in our session and said she had ‘shark teeth’. Unfortunately that story was not clear to the judges, scoring it 79, and it missed out on an award at this years state awards but it will still remain a fav of mine.

Little girl shark teeth


This image is of a special mum and her six kids. I wanted to illustrate the gorgeous bond between them all. Having photographed this family before, I always had this image in my head that I wanted to create for them. When I had the chance to photograph them again last year, I suggested this concept to the mum. I really wanted to be able to create an image to show her how amazing she is and how much her kids really love and admire her. I am so pleased with how it turned out and even more happy that this family loved it! This image was well received by the judges too, scoring an 83 Silver award.

Duck Crossing Family Silver award


This next image was created from an awesome family session I had on this family’s property. This is their favourite tree so I wanted to create something special using this tree and show the love the family had for where they lived, for each other (even when the two year old is having a tantrum) and for the dog! It scored an 86 Silver Distinction and received great feedback which I will take and rework this image for the National Awards.

Farm Family - Silver distinction award


This last image was one of the last captures from a fun family shoot by Lake Burley Griffin. These kids would not stop dabbing throughout the whole session so this image perfectly sums up this family. It scored an 85 Silver Distinction.

Silhouette family dabbing Silver distinction award

Chat to Lib about creating your own piece of art of your family.

AIPP State Awards Day 1 ~ travel photography

Every year since I joined the AIPP in 2013, I have entered their State Awards. And for the last 5 years, also the National Awards. It gives professional photographers the opportunity to enter their best printed images to be judged by the top professional photographers in each field of photography. I do this as a way to challenge myself creatively and ensure I continue to develop my skills and expertise in photography. And for the fact that I really love and enjoy the experience.

Prints are judged by a panel of 5 judges who score the print out of 100. To achieve a score between 70-80 means it has been judged to be of professional standards. The kind of image you would be proud to give to any of your clients. To achieve a score 80-84 is a Silver Award. This is above the everyday professional image and proven to have something special. 85-89 is a Silver Distinction (and these awards get rarer and harder to achieve the higher they go). 90-94 is a Gold Award and  95-100 is Gold Distinction. I have only once achieved a Gold Distinction and you can re-read that experience here.

This year I entered two categories in the AIPP Epson ACT Professional Photography Awards, Travel & Family. On Day 1 my Travel images were judged. The four images I chose to enter are not your typical postcard images (as they do not score well in this sort of arena). To do well and impress the judges in a competition like this, you need to choose images which are unique and something they may never have seen before. They also need to be technically perfect and professionally printed.

My images were all taken in Japan. Three of them being in Osaka and one in Tokyo. Japan is colourful, busy, lively and so completely different to where I live. So all of my images tell the story of my personal experience with this organised chaos.

Image 1 – Signs of Shibuya – Silver Award 82Signs of Shibuya Silver award

Image 2 – Osaka Canals – Silver Award 81Osaka Canal Silver Awards

Image 3 – Organised chaos in Osaka Station – Professional Practice 78Osaka Station Queues

Image 4 – Japanese menus – Professional Practice 77Back alley way Osaka

Grown up families ~ family photography canberra queanbeyan

It wasn’t easy, but this Mum managed to get her three grown up kids and partners to agree to join us for a family session. Mum makes a point of getting family photos at least once every few years, and the fact that the kids were now grown up and living out of home, did not stop her. As hesitant and unexcited as they all were about the idea, we ended up having so much fun wondering around Pialligo Red Wood Forest together and capturing some beautiful memories for Mum to display on her walls. I also created a lovely family album from the collection (my favourite thing) so they could treasure the whole collection!

family of 5

wide shot of family in the woods

siblings having fun

mum dad and three grown up kids

mum and dad happy

young love couple

couple in the woods

family with grown up kids and partners

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